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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Lubrication and Equipment


Featured product: Q8 BRUNEL XF 753 - 1ère française | Hall A stand D45

Kuwait Petroleum International, Q8Oils presents, for the first time in France at the SIMODEC 2024 Innovation Awards, the soluble machining lubricant designed by Q8Oils Italia in February 2023.


It's a high-performance soluble lubricant not derived from fossil chemicals, biocide-free and free from substances known to cause allergies.


Its innovative nature stems from the fact that it's a soluble lubricant that significantly reduces consumption, bringing significant gains in tool life while respecting the machine/user environment.


Fossil-based chemistries based on petroleum materials regularly present constraints linked to the environment and their sources of supply. Q8 BRUNEL XF 753 offers a high-performance solution for long-term use. This soluble lubricant also meets the main specifications of leading-edge industries such as aeronautics, fine jewelry and the medical sector.


8 BRUNEL XF 753 offers a number of advantages: - improved OEE thanks to reduced downtime for tool changes and machine cleaning; - the guarantee of using a lubricant with a very low impact on the machine/user environment, since it uses high-purity raw materials which make it very pleasant to use.


Certified to the specifications of leading aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus / Safran / Dassault, also recommended by its PMUC certification for its halogen-free composition.


The product has been assessed by independent laboratories for material compatibility (alloy steels, aluminum and titanium) - Filab / Rescoll.


It reduces consumption by around 30% compared with mineral-based chemistries, with significant gains on monobloc tools. Reduced waste associated with washing machined parts, with production processes far less polluted by machining fluids.

Metalworking market in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Jewelry sectors.

Distribution by direct channel to key account customers and by distribution via 2 expert resellers based in Haute Savoie (Magland) and the Nord de France region.

HAENCHEN Solutions

Featured product : HP Power Pack for MOCN LUBICOOL S | Hall B1 stand J25

At the Simodec 2024 Innovation Awards, Haenchen Solutions presents its compact Lubicool S 100-bar high-pressure unit, entirely developed and designed by its parent company KNOLL Maschinenbau.


This high-pressure unit is designed for manufacturers and users of sliding headstock lathes, fixed headstock lathes and small machining centers.


Its innovative character stems first and foremost from the innovative filter cartridge developed by Knoll Care, which generates low consumable costs. The cartridge's service life has been optimized and, above all, it can be cleaned and reused. What's more, the innovative connection interface makes it easy to adapt to any machine. The Knoll screw pump features intelligent speed variation.


An important development is the SMART Connect interface, which enables process supervision, with parameter display and status indication via a 6-color LED display. An upgrade to a smart phone supervision application is planned. The PLC has been designed to interface with all machine tools ("universal" interface). The Knoll high-pressure pump is fitted with an energy-saving variable frequency drive. The parameters of this drive have been developed in-house, enabling a response time of less than 0.1s between the request and the presence of pressure at the tool. This compact unit can be housed under a bar feeder.


The KNOLL HP screw pump has been proving its worth in bar turning for over 20 years. It guarantees constant tool pressure. The durability and quality of this pump is recognized throughout the bar-turning industry. In particular, it has always been used on INDEX multispindles. As an international group, KNOLL also guarantees product follow-up at its French parent company, as well as at its subsidiaries (in Tunisia, Morocco, South America, Asia, etc.).


Major performances :


Reliability, repeatability. The KNOLL HP pump (KTS) is the main asset of this solution. Its performance makes it a must-have product in the automotive and aerospace industries.


Target markets :


The sliding headstock market with machine tool builders (CITIZEN, TORNOS, STAR, DMG MORI etc....). Users wishing to replace an existing machine or improve their performance.

HAENCHEN Solutions has been KNOLL's representative in France since 1999. The 5-strong sales team is responsible for sales and service in France.

After-sales service is provided by KNOLL Germany, which has 50 mobile technicians (including 1 permanently based in France). In addition, HAENCHEN solution's sales department includes 4 engineers (Bac +5) with recognized technical skills to ensure local after-sales service.


Featured product : ACS Compact shock absorber | Hall B2 stand G15

Product description


Workpiece reclaimer with patented BARFIDE shock-proof system. Allows part recovery from single-spindle sliding headstock or multi-spindle lathes. Allows parts to be stored and drained in a basket, while avoiding shocks between parts in bulk packaging.

Reducing rejects is the major performance objective of this product.

The product's innovative character is the result of a strong economic improvement thanks to the increased autonomy of production resources; an improvement in qualitative performance with a reduction in rejects by eliminating shocks; and an environmental improvement with the draining of parts to reduce the need for part washing.

The patented anti-shock flap system ensures that parts are shock-free when they leave the production line.

The automotive electrification market requires the machining of more copper and aluminum, materials that are more sensitive to impact. ACS compact meets this new and increasingly pressing demand.

ACS compact meets the need for autonomy, and helps reduce scrap. It also makes it possible to safely remove parts from lathes.


The product is part of a move towards Industry 4.0, as ACS Compact features a part presence control sensor for production counting and feedback to the supervisory system.

It is positioned as a product with low acquisition and maintenance costs.

Certification procedures have been undertaken to CE mark the product.

The product was tested at ERRIC for 3 weeks, before being put into production with test customers.

The product is protected by several patents.

The product is distributed by Products distributed by SO PROD division ERRIC Groupe. SO PROD is the BARFIDE and TOP Automazioni distributor for France. The distribution network for Europe has yet to be set up.

SAVOIE Transmissions

Featured product : MATAKI EmbarProtect | Hall A Stand B29

The simple, low-cost innovation presented by Savoie Transmissions is the result of market demand. When it was first created, a bar turner was regularly damaging a bar turning center with sliding headstocks fed by a bar feeder, as a result of bar straightness defects. Today, some twenty machines at this bar turner are equipped with the Mataki EmbarProtect vibration monitoring system.

The solution proposed by Savoie Transmissions was to install a vibratory sensor to detect in real time a bar straightness anomaly, which was leading to bar feeder breakage. The sensor's all-or-nothing output can be used either to switch on a warning light, or to stop the machine before part breakage or scrap. With an on-board recorder, it can also be used to track dated variations and identify material batch changes. After several improvements, Savoie Transmissions now offers the option of intervening directly on the numerical control, which can stop the machine as soon as the unacceptable vibration threshold is detected, or wait until the end of a cycle to do so. This was the genesis of the EmbarProtect.


The aim of the Mataki EmbarProtect solution is to prevent machine breakdowns or breakages. This protection improves the Synthetic Yield Rate and therefore the economic performance of the equipment, with less scrap, fewer spare parts in stock, less downtime, greater productivity .... Vibratory stability in a process means better quality repeatability and lower power consumption. Avoiding breakdowns means protecting the environment. It's worth noting that a similar solution has recently been offered by a bar feeder manufacturer, but only for its own bar feeders. The Mataki EmbarProtect has the merit of being universal and available for any type and brand of bar feeder.

This frugal, and therefore very inexpensive, innovation enables a machine to be stopped before deterioration by simply looping back to the PLC via an all-or-nothing output. Savoie Transmissions' solution brings safety, productivity and peace of mind to teams monitoring several machines at the same time.