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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Quality, Measurement and Control


Featured product: Round Tracer Extrême - 1ère française | Hall A stand C39

Mitutoyo France presents the Roundtracer Extreme, CNC roundness and cylindricity measuring system, first exhibited in Japan in September 2022 - French premiere at SIMODEC 2024.


This measuring machine incorporates functions for measuring form deviation, profile and roughness. The Roundtracer Extreme not only boasts exceptional speed, accuracy and operability, it can also measure a wide variety of workpiece shapes, such as crankshafts and bearings. Combining form deviation, profile and roughness measurement capabilities in a single machine, Roundtracer Extreme is a triple-function system that will enhance quality control processes, saving time and boosting productivity for precision mechanical manufacturing companies.

Measurement repeatability is significantly improved thanks to the new centering table, which limits changes in part position during measurement. Improved positioning accuracy of the X and Z axes considerably enhances measurement reproducibility compared to all previous models.

The newly-developed sliding axis, sensor and sensor support help to avoid the risk of collision with workpieces, and make it possible to increase the number of automatic, continuous measurements.

Feed rates have been significantly improved. The Roundtracer Extreme offers the highest axis speed in its class. In addition, the measurement throughput of rotating parts has also been considerably increased, as data can now be collected independently of the 0° position of the rotary table.

This innovation brings productivity gains: the device enables high-performance circularity measurements thanks to the highest axis speed in its class. In addition, profile measurement has been significantly improved thanks to the precision of the X and Z axes and the stylus radius compensation function.

Roundtracer Extreme is particularly well suited to the automotive and aerospace markets.

With patents pending, the Roundtracer Extreme will then be presented at the Trophées de Global Industrie Paris and Micronora Besançon.


Featured product: iTendo2 Magnet, vibration sensor | Hall B1 stand H15

Product description


The iTendo2 Magnet is a single-axis 100 G accelerometer, mounted on a magnet to pick up vibrations on the clamping fixture or machine table during machining.


Its innovative nature stems from the fact that it captures vibrations and adapts cutting parameters for better surface finish and less scrap.


The basic product is the iTendo tool holder, and the customer's request was to be able to mount an accelerometer on a vice.


This innovation brings machine tool users a better surface finish on parts, less scrap, and the prevention of tool breakage.


The product's key performance features are improved process and machining quality.


Machining center equipment distributed worldwide by the Schunk network.



Product presented: i ORS surface control - 1st French product | Hall A stand A25

ibg Prüfcomputer GmbH, represented by Qualisco in France, presents an original, fast solution that can be integrated into Industry 4.0 to detect surface defects on the production line.


Product description


The iORS sensor introduces a fast, easily automated approach to detecting defects on high-quality steel components such as bushes, rollers and balls. It uses optical reflection, in addition to established eddy current technology, to improve accuracy and precision.

Optical reflection enhances the quality of eddy current testing for the detection of black spots (unpolished areas) and surface irregularities. As the i ORS is fully compatible with ibg eddy current generators, it eliminates the need for expensive vision systems. This represents both an economic and qualitative improvement.

The eddyvisor NDT device has been recognized worldwide for 15 years for its performance in eddy current testing for the detection of cracks and grinding burns. The iORS transforms it into a 'Multimode Signal Processing Unit' with Eddy Current + Optical Reflection.


The development of iORS was prompted by market demand for fast, automated and cost-effective detection of 'blackheads', missing chrome plating and other surface defects.


iORS helps professionals to improve the quality of their products through better detection of certain defects, while preserving investment budgets.


The iORS sensor uses advanced optical reflection technology to detect surface defects with high sensitivity and accuracy. It emits a beam of light, captures the light reflected from the surface and analyzes, on the basis of the differential principle, whether surface irregularities or defects have caused a localized reduction in the intensity of the reflected light due to absorption or deflection. This non-contact testing method enables the detection of even small defects that could be overlooked by other testing methods, thus guaranteeing a high level of safety during quality checks. At the same time, it offers an interesting alternative to tedious manual inspections or costly, complex vision systems.


This innovation is part of an Industry 4.0 approach, as iORS and eddyvisor enable 100% traceability of inspection results, thanks to recording on the customer's IT network for subsequent analysis.


The target markets globally concern manufacturers of mass-produced metal components with high-quality surfaces. More specifically, they include bearing manufacturers and manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic components.


The key to this innovation is to have succeeded in making the eddyvisor work with Optical Reflection technology, whereas it was originally designed for Eddy Current technology. This performance is totally transparent to the user. What's more, ibg's 'Good-Part-Teaching' learning concept package, combined with PMFT multi-filter preventive evaluation, now makes it possible to improve quality control with optical reflection technology - a world first.



Featured product: Métro - M400 connected APC module | Hall A Stand C12

Together with its partner Métro, Ellistat is presenting the M400 measuring device connected to the APC (Automated Process Control) module, designed to automate the control of a complete workshop's machines and pilot the correction of their tools. The meeting with the jury will be decisive in understanding the extent of the possibilities offered by this innovation. For the record, this type of control has already been presented on a single machine at several trade shows since 2018 by Ellistat and another company.

The M400 developed by Métro has been a fixture in the world of measurement and precision for some years now. Ellistat's APC module enables automatic control of machine tools based on the measurement of a single part. The bar-turning industry doesn't always allow measurements to be taken using 100% automatic means. The partners have sought to make the bar turner's workstation compatible with Industry 4.0. by developing the connected M400. The bar turner's workstation becomes the control center for his machine tools, enabling him to pilot all his machines without fundamentally changing the way he works.

The innovative character of the M400 comes from the digitization of the instruments, making it possible to dispense with PCs in the workshop. As the M400 is an on-board electronic device with a proprietary operating system, it offers numerous advantages: very low power consumption compared with a PC, no viruses, use in harsh workshop conditions, preservation of bar turners' know-how. The connected M400 is the first measuring and data acquisition device to communicate directly with machine tools. The connected M400 enables machine-tools to be controlled directly from the measurement unit, eliminating the need for a computer on the various control stations in the workshop. Industrial customers benefit from improved ergonomics and shorter set-up times.

The connected M400 enhances operator productivity and offers a simple, efficient interface, enabling them to set up machine tools from a tool they already know. What's more, the connected M400 offers a safer alternative (IT security) and is adaptable to modern production environments.

This innovation is part of an Industry 4.0 approach, making factories more intelligent, connected and efficient thanks to product customization and greater responsiveness to market demands. Thanks to the connected M400, part production is under control, enabling manufacturers to position themselves in new markets.