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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Industrie 4.0 et logiciels

ESM Equipement

Featured product : FAMA centralized chip extractor | Hall B1 Stand H14

The proposed system dates back some thirty years. This technique, well-proven in Italy, is only now arriving in France. This is why ESM Equipement presents the centralized chip extraction system designed and developed by Italian manufacturer FAMA Srl as an innovation.

The aim of a pneumatic swarf extraction system designed by Fama S.R.L. is to evacuate all the swarf produced by a battery of machine tools in a production workshop, continuously and automatically, without supervision. The system eliminates all problems associated with chip transportation. It eliminates the need for dedicated human and material resources, the risk of shocks during transport, and the need for chip bins on the shop floor. Chip dewatering and oil recovery are automated by the system. These objectives are in line with those of Lean Management.


Product description

The system is driven by a vacuum pump, protected by a safety filter, which provides sufficient energy to suck up the oil-soaked chips. The chips are transferred from the machine via an evacuator to a storage area. Under each machine, a reservoir called GSM is placed at the base of the evacuator to store the wet chips. A level sensor controls the GSM for cleaning, and registers the end of the suction process. When the GSM is sufficiently loaded, an auger sends the chips to the suction point. The chips are then conveyed by pneumatic force through the suction tubes to a separator. They can then be stored inside a box or fed to a centrifuge. The system works with short chips. For long chips, the system can incorporate an upstream chip breaker. Distances covered are up to 200 meters, and 1200kg of chips can be processed per hour. Power requirements range from 11 to 55 kW, equivalent to the energy required for an additional machine in a workshop. No infrastructure work is required. All types of swarf and lubricants are accepted by the system.

While this type of installation is not an innovation in itself, its presentation at Simodec 2024 and its import by ESM Equipements offer an interesting solution for corporate CSR, as well as lean management. This is why it has been nominated as an eligible candidate for the Trophée de l'Innovation 2024, in the peripheral equipment and CSR categories.


Featured product : OPERA MES Energy Software | Hall A Stand C01

QUASAR Solutions has been an MES / SPC software publisher for many years. This year, the company decided to become an MES solution integrator. OPERA MES arrives in France with a wealth of functions: production, traceability, maintenance, quality, but also an ENERGY module. This module measures energy consumption and is part of a CSR approach.

The innovative nature of the product results in a significant improvement in the environmental performance of companies by identifying energy-intensive resources and products - energy consumption vs. inactivity - correlation between energy consumption and the main production variables - energy consumption and possible causes of malfunction.


This innovation enables professionals to measure their energy consumption and put in place appropriate action plans to consume less. This feature can be important in the context of a CSR approach, but it can also help reduce energy costs, which have been so high in recent months.

The software's main performance objectives are to control energy consumption; improve production and eliminate energy-related malfunctions; and highlight important assets for a company's CSR approach.


Target markets include automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics, pharmaceuticals, agri-food, plastics, metallurgy, textiles, packaging and printing, consumer goods...

In terms of distribution, QUASAR Solutions and the Kardol Group have a marketing unit tasked with generating leads for MES needs. The website and trade shows are the main channels for prospecting. Deployment of OPERA MES at customer sites is handled by our teams of industry consultants.


Featured product : Scope | Hall B1 Stand I21

Released in May 2023, SCOPE for "Smart, Connect, Optimize, Prevent & Enable" is a digital solution for analyzing and monitoring a fleet of up to 50 robots.


This solution offers numerous advantages, since it centralizes the operating status of the robot fleet in a dashboard, providing an in-depth analysis of their behavior. It studies robot stress in real time, notifies upcoming maintenance, and provides an overall view of production assets for better control of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE*). The Overall Efficiency Rate (OER) is, like the OER, a performance indicator for a production tool. It is more "severe" because it is based on opening time rather than on time required.

The innovative character of SCOPE lies in its ability to improve production performance and quality, using it as a sensor of the robot fleet's operating status. SCOPE is at the heart of Industry 4.0, enabling end-users to benefit from the analysis of the extensive data generated by robots.


Market expectations are high for these solutions, which enable the operator to monitor the operating status of the production line and anticipate the type of maintenance to be implemented, then track this maintenance according to the use and evolution of the robots. For integrators and machine builders, SCOPE optimizes cycle times and ensures that the robot is used optimally across the entire integration park.


For the end-user, it helps stabilize the process and production quality, detecting process-related problems more quickly and thus avoiding downtime. For example, SCOPE can warn of micro-collisions.


The main benefits come from monitoring the operating status of up to 50 robots, and optimizing the productivity and cycle times of Stäubli robots. Scope enables adapted, proactive maintenance, based on production data, and minimizes downtime by detecting it more quickly. Finally, this solution extends the life of production assets. The product comprises a hardware component (industrial PC with large data storage capacity) delivered to the customer when the solution is purchased, and an annually renewable software license sent by e-mail. The SCOPE solution is distributed to production sites worldwide. It has already been deployed in France, Germany and China, and many more deployments are planned for 2024.


Featured product : VAL Blocks | Hall B1 Stand I21

Robot manufacturer Stäubli presents the Val Blocks simplified robot programming solution, suitable for all types of user. Based on the new SP2+ manual control unit, the VAL Blocks solution makes robot programming quick and easy, with no need for specific training. Programming the robot is made more fun and simpler, with a graphic environment that contains no lines of code, but function blocks that enable simple actions to be carried out, without compromising speed or precision. It is now possible to create your own application by dragging and dropping application blocks (part pick-up, part drop-off, movements, etc.) directly from the SP2+ touch screen. This solution adapts to your use by means of customized blocks in VAL 3 language, and is compatible with all Stäubli robots equipped with a CS9 controller, whether 4- or 6-axis.


This new solution saves time in programming and testing, without compromising the speed and precision of Stäubli robots.


Many robot users have discovered simplified programming environments with the appearance of cobots on the robotics market. This solution has been extended to the industrial robotics market to meet the need for accessibility to robotics in a context where there are more automation specialists than roboticists.


By drastically lowering the barriers to entry into the world of robotics, VAL Blocks provides an answer to the shortage of specialized technicians and robotics experts. It offers end-users greater autonomy in the programming and re-parameterization phases of their systems.


VAL Blocks optimizes robot program development time during integration; saves time on program re-parameterization (trajectory modifications, pallet layout changes, etc.); facilitates application debugging, enabling step-by-step visualization of program steps; reduces robot programming costs.


Stäubli's teams have worked hard to make the world of robot programming and the user experience accessible to all.


For Stäubli, these issues, which aim to simplify technologies, are essential values in the democratization of Industry 4.0.


The solution will eventually be available to all Stäubli customers worldwide, starting with French- and English-speaking countries (languages available at product launch).


Featured product : Astn'go software | Hall A Stand B09

Description : Astn'go is aimed at small and medium-sized industrial companies wishing to digitize their production workshops, with no investment and no commitment. Astn'go is a unique SaaS solution for production monitoring and OEE measurement. Users are totally autonomous in setting up their software: they subscribe online, configure their application, connect their IIoTs and use the solution. Astn'go's main functions are production monitoring, digitization of OFs linked to ERP, workstation instructions, loss analysis and support for continuous improvement approaches (visual management, TPM, SMED, AIC, Lean Manufacturing...).


Innovative character : Given the low monthly cost (around €100/machine), the absence of investment and commitment (monthly shutdown possible), this solution, unique in the world by its marketing method, makes digital accessible to the smallest companies like those present in the Arve Valley, and thus enables rapid productivity gains without investment, without commitment, with a free trial and no paid service.


Astn'go is the only SaaS solution on the market. The user is totally autonomous in setting up the tool:

1- subscribing online at, the application is available within 2 minutes

2- configure your application via Astn'go Academy, with free help from a consultant

3- receive & connect your IIoTs

4- he uses & gains in productivity (immediate ROI as no investment is required)


With Astn'go, manufacturers have a tool for monitoring their production in real time via dashboards, for rapid productivity gains. The SaaS model enables immediate use of the product (7 days from subscription to automated data collection), with no investment required (immediate ROI). TRS gains measured and/or observed between 5 and 20%.


Astn'go enables the digitization of production workshops and democratizes entry into Industry 4.0.


Astn'go is SaaS software and is therefore available on the Web via a dedicated online store. Launched in April 2023, this product won a prize at the GI Awards, the Industry of the Future Showcase.