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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Featured product: UDC coated carbide tool UDCRRS | Hall B1 stand J31

At the SIODEC 2024 Innovation Awards, MS Outillage presents the latest UDCRRS cutting tool from the UDC-coated range, imported by Union Tool Europe and presented in Japan in February 2023.

The UDCRRS carbide cutter is UDC-coated (ULTRA DIAMOND COAT). This is a coating patented in Japan. This coating considerably improves the tool's hardness and durability, enabling it to machine cemented carbide and high-hardness materials. This cutter can machine carbide, ceramics and precious stones.


The innovative nature of these machines results from a significant improvement in economic, qualitative or environmental performance, based on a considerable reduction in machining time and an improvement in part quality compared with traditional methods (sinking, EDM).


This important development has resulted in a new-generation product, as it uses a patented diamond coating combined with an edge treatment process to enhance machining performance and improve the quality of finished parts.

This innovation brings professionals higher productivity, better surface quality, lower production costs and greater flexibility in the machining of hard materials with a wide range of applications.

The UDCRRS multi-edge carbide roughing cutter was introduced in 2023 and is the latest addition to the UDC range, along with the long-reach UDCLRSH coated carbide cutter (diam 0.5 to 2mm).


Featured product: Walter WL17 inserts | Hall A stand C41

Billet-Fournier is a distributor of industrial supplies. At the SIMODEC 2024 Trophies, Billet-Fournier presents the new removable inserts from German carburetor Walter.


Walter completes its copy turning system with the new WL17 indexable inserts for sliding headstock and small-diameter lathes.


Used on the new W1011-S-P external turning toolholders and W1210 / W1211 boring bars. W1011-S-P toolholders with square attachment in the common shank sizes 12×12 mm and 16×16 mm are specially designed for use on sliding headstock and multispindle lathes. So far, Walter is the only manufacturer to offer a turning system for sliding headstock automatic lathes with complementary shapes and inserts with three cutting edges. The cutting inserts are also highly cost-effective. This is due in part to the three cutting edges, as well as to their stability and superior changeover accuracy (+50% compared with ISO indexable inserts). Walter precision lubrication on the cutting and clearance faces also enhances cutting edge life.

For internal turning, the internal diameter (Dmin) of the workpiece is often a limiting factor. ISO indexable inserts, such as VBMT11, have only two cutting edges and can be used with a tool attack angle of 93° from a Dmin of 22 mm. On the other hand, the new Walter W1210 and W1211 boring bars equipped with WL17 inserts enable internal turning from a Dmin of 18 mm, and even feature an additional cutting edge. What's more, the user can use the removable inserts for push and pull turning. Like all WL applications, the WL17 inserts are neutral, right- and left-handed and coated with the latest cutting material, such as Tiger-tec® Gold. Thanks to its high stability and cost-effectiveness, the WL17 copy turning system is perfect for turning small internal diameters or for use on sliding headstock automatic lathes.

No insert movement, because indentations under insert and in tool holder housing

Lubrication of the cutting face and undercut of the insert

50% greater indexing accuracy than VBMT inserts

Multidirectional copying, Reverse turning...

ISO M stainless steel


180–260 m/min

Refractory steel ISO S


50–70 m/min

ISO P steels


180–300 m/min

ISO K fonts


270–510 m/min


Featured product: ACE spot drill | Hall A stand E29

Outimat presents the Ace spot Drill - Accuracy-Coolant-Efficiency tungsten carbide insert, designed and manufactured in Taiwan and launched in 2022.

This is an interchangeable carbide insert mounted on a cylindrical steel body by means of two screws and 2 locating pins. High-rigidity pointing and chamfering tool, high cutting performance "HPC", ultra-long tool life, it ensures vibration-free cutting thanks to double clamping and 2 locating lobes. It has 2 symmetrical, tapered cutting edges that reduce cutting forces during pointing. This is a reversible insert with 2 cutting edges. The toolholder has an integrated central coolant system. The construction of the coolant channel ensures proper tool balancing when the tool is used in rotation. 4 angles: 60°/ 90° / 120° / 142°; 6 different insert and holder sizes from Øic 06/08/10/12/16 and 20 mm.

It's an evolution from a one-piece HSS or carbide pointing tool to a system with interchangeable inserts, enabling a high degree of modularity on the same body by moving from one angle to another without having to change the tool.

This tool saves around 5% in raw materials compared with an equivalent solid carbide center drill, and therefore also reduces Co2 emissions; it saves time, as the tool remains in place on the machine tool and only the insert needs to be changed, depending on the angle and grade; it saves money, as the cost of the insert, which is reversible, is halved; and it increases tool life, as the inserts are lubricated by a central coolant system integrated into the body. Inserts are available in different grades and coatings to suit the materials to be machined. No need for re-sharpening, so no need for pre-setting, saving time; Less CO2 emissions, as less material is required.


This is the first wafer centering machine to meet market requirements.


Distributed by Outimat in France