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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Machinery and Automation


Featured product: TRAUB TNL32 Compact Whirling HV - 1st French | Hall A Stand E33

The innovation presented by INDEX brings together machine and process integration, particularly high-speed thread-whirling. The TRAUB TNL32 Compact is a versatile lathe that should be considered more as a turning-milling center than a sliding headstock lathe: 32 mm machining, from 9 to 11 axes, including B axis. It operates with or without a guide bush. It allows 4 tools to be used simultaneously in the material. This H-axis turret machine can accommodate up to 24 tools per turret: single, double or triple tools. 3 innovative technologies are integrated on the machine presented at Simodec: high-speed thread-whirling, turning with a milling cutter and polygon turning. High-speed thread-whirling offers significant cycle-time savings. Index presents a solution for machining difficult materials, complex parts or parts with high chip removal rates, for a variety of demanding sectors such as medical, watchmaking, aerospace, automotive... It can be equipped with an integrated iXcenter robot cell and a measuring system for closed-loop operation.

This solution improves economic performance, thanks to the possibility of working with 4 tools in the material, including with B axis. It's a rigid and therefore highly accurate machine, ideally designed for high chip removal rates. High-speed thread-whirling delivers impressive cycle time savings (see video): 50% cycle time savings for double-entry threads, better surface finish.

The integration of robotized cells or closed-loop systems is an essential part of today's response to HR, quality and traceability issues.

The EcoFluid system on TRAUB machines is designed to save energy and limit environmental impact, by recovering the energy produced. The machine is equipped with high-pressure pumps (up to 3 pumps).

The market is always on the lookout for the most compact means of production possible, to limit floor space and increase profitability. This "compact" machine achieves this integration. Process integration also makes it possible to avoid the need for other external machines.

High-speed thread-whirling is a clear response to the medical sector's need for significantly improved cycle times. This technology was developed as part of the German ZykloMed research project. This project was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), between April 19 and September 2023. Innovation brings flexibility and productivity to professionals. Bar passage 32 mm - Spindles motor power 18.3 KW max Rotation speed: 8000 rpm

Industrie 4.0 :

It is equipped with the iXpanel cockpit, which enables the machine to be integrated into the company network for "4.0" production. Production-relevant information is available in real time not only on the machine, but also on the company network, for a 4.0 organization. 4.0 applications have been developed, offering a whole range of services, including Maintenance, to the user.

The INDEX Group subsidiary INDEX France handles sales and maintenance in France, Luxembourg and French-speaking Belgium.

TORNOS Technologie France

Featured product: Swiss XT 32mm 9A - World Premiere | Hall A - Stand A14

Swiss XT is the latest-generation CNC sliding headstock automatic lathe designed by Tornos Technologie in Switzerland. It is distinguished by its many innovative features. Designed primarily for the manufacture of complex parts in the automotive, hydraulic/pneumatic, luxury goods and medical sectors, this machining center offers significant advantages:

Available in diameters of 16 mm and 25.4 mm, the model presented at the Simodec Innovation Awards offers a bar passage of 32 mm, up to 38 mm without guide bush, with a configuration of 9 linear axes. It includes a Z2 axis for deep drilling and balanced turning operations. Equipped with up to 5 C-axes for rotary tools, it enables advanced operations such as worm hobbing, polygon milling, and thread-whirling on front and side axes. Increased precision and versatility thanks to multiple configurations and the plug-and-play B-axis enhance the quality of machined parts. The Swiss XT supports simultaneous machining with three tools on the front face, maximizing productivity (see SwissXT kinematics photo). Up to 59 tools are available for front and rear machining, facilitating a wide range of machining options. Its powerful, liquid-cooled spindles offer a power rating of 8.2 kW (peak at 10.5 kW) and a maximum torque of 27 Nm, unique on the market.

On the Swiss XT 32mm 9-axis presented, Tornos Technologie has brought together all the options for ergonomic and intuitive programming, maximum operating safety and optimized environmental frugality. For example, ACB Plus technology minimizes the problem of chip entanglement, effective for machining deep holes and difficult materials. Ease of use is enhanced by a 15" LCD screen, TISIS functionality and Tornos Machine Interface (TMI) for intuitive operation. Standard features include tool breakage detection, collision detection, workpiece conveyor and coolant tank, for enhanced productivity and ease of use. Its compact, ergonomic design measures 2500x1400x1800 mm. The Swiss XT is designed for easy integration with robotic systems, enabling increased automation of the production process. This ability to combine easily with robots enhances the machine's flexibility and improves workflow efficiency, facilitating part loading and unloading operations, and increasing overall productivity.

The TISIS system from Tornos is another key element in the innovation of the Swiss XT. This platform not only enables the machine to be monitored remotely, but also to be connected to various ERP and other IT systems.

A major innovation is the integration of "Eco Mode", which optimizes the machine's energy consumption. This feature reduces operating costs by lowering energy consumption during periods of inactivity, making the Swiss XT more economical in the long term. In addition to Eco Mode, the machine's energy-saving design, improved operating efficiency and reduced waste production (thanks to better chip management and more precise machining processes) contribute to a lower environmental impact.

The Swiss XT brings professionals increased productivity, improved logistics, respect for the environment and enhanced safety.

The Swiss XT is a sliding headstock machining center capable of producing complex, high-quality cylindrical and prismatic parts in medium production runs at low production costs.


Featured product: Microturn Grind Spinner - 1ère française | Hall B2 - Stand G36

French machine tool builder Realmeca imports German machine tool builder Spinner. The French premiere of the Microturn Grind Spinner hard turning center, combining hard metal cutting and grinding technologies.


The Microturn-Grind Spinner is the first combination of a high-precision twin-spindle turning-milling center with 5 CNC axes, 12-tool turret (6 motorized) (BMT45-8000t/mn-4.5kW-13.6Nm), and a grinding machine capable of using a 400mm external grinding wheel (4000t/mn-10.5kW-25.6Nm) and two internal grinding spindles (90000t/mn-5.4kW). The hardest steels, including hardened tool steels, can thus be machined with complex shapes such as polygons. The machining spindle can rotate at up to 10,000 rpm. The grinding wheels can be dressed during the machining phase.

Advantages for the user

Thanks to the exceptional capabilities of the Microturn Grind Spinner, users can make their mark in the single-setup production of hardened and tempered metal parts, addressing the most demanding markets such as aeronautics, hydraulics-pneumatics, precision tooling, railways, energy, rolling mills, machinery; and more.


Featured product: Cellule d'innovation industrielle 4.0 | Hall B2 - Stand F08

This innovative solution integrates machining, robotization and additive manufacturing, driven by artificial intelligence. It aims to automate the rework of metal-printed watch cases on a GE ADDITIVE 3D printer, improving productivity, precision and optimizing labor. The Robodrill α-D21MiB5 Plus machining center is at the heart of the process, enabling exceptional precision and speed in the reworking of functional watch case surfaces.

Upstream, the watch cases are produced by metal additive manufacturing on a GE ADDITIVE 3D printer, guaranteeing optimum quality and precision. The Fanuc M-20iD25 robot loads and unloads the parts, contributing to the automation and efficiency of the process, while guaranteeing optimum precision. It features an automated tool changer for various operations such as engraving, grinding, polishing and other processes, enhancing the cell's versatility. The integrated Techni-Line raw and machined tray palletizer and stocker provides a storage solution for raw parts prior to machining, while machined trays are also managed automatically, eliminating downtime and optimizing productivity. Real-time optical part inspection ensures that all parts conform to specifications, guaranteeing consistent quality. Three-dimensional part checking ensures that parts conform to the required three-dimensional dimensions, guaranteeing optimum quality.

The innovative character of this solution is based on economic optimization for manufacturers, thanks to automation driven by artificial intelligence, improving overall performance. It's a solution for 3D part rework: machining fusion, additive manufacturing, robotization, driven by artificial intelligence. Optimized productivity, efficiency and 24/7 continuous production.

This innovation offers industry professionals a complete, integrated solution for the reworking of 3D-printed watch cases. Watch cases printed in 3D on a GE ADDITIVE printer guarantee optimum quality and precision right from the start of the process. The Robodrill α-D21MiB5 Plus machining center ensures the precision required for functional surface finishing on watch cases. The intelligent automation of the Fanuc M-20iD25 robot, and the enhanced versatility of automated tool changing, enable various operations such as engraving, grinding and polishing to be carried out, improving the cell's versatility, while the efficient storage by the Techni-Line palletizer eliminates downtime and optimizes productivity. Last but not least, quality control ensures real-time verification of consistent, optimum quality. In short, this innovation offers a turnkey solution that enhances productivity, precision and efficiency while guaranteeing exceptional quality, thus meeting the exacting demands of manufacturers. This solution, successfully used in the watchmaking sector, is easily adaptable to various fields, as illustrated at the SIAE in the aeronautics sector. Its adaptability underlines its relevance and potential for improving manufacturing processes in a variety of industries.

The distribution of this product in France involves an in-depth analysis of the customer's needs before proposing a customized solution. This tailor-made approach is designed to meet the specific challenges of each industry concerned.


Featured product: AGV PF3- French premiere | Hall B1 - Stand I21

Stäubli's new PF3 AGV platform opens the way to new industrial applications. Its ultra-compact design enables it to transport and lift payloads of up to 3 tonnes. Thanks to its unrivalled footprint/payload ratio, the PF3 can be used in very tight spaces on the factory floor. Its sleek design, with all-round LED strip and 45°-tilted touchscreen, offers an ergonomic operator experience, increases user acceptance and enables easy integration. Equipped with a 360° human safety scanner, 5 emergency stop buttons (4 at each corner), a collision avoidance sensor and an LED strip, the PF3 offers a complete safety package. Thanks to its ease of maintenance based on a "drawer" concept, parts are easily accessible from the sides of the AGV and can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Based on Stäubli's unique, patented drive system and industry-proven components, the Stäubli PF3 offers outstanding performance in terms of productivity and total cost of ownership.

Innovative character :
Thanks to its all-electric, 48V-based technology, the PF3 significantly reduces its CO2 emissions, giving it a very low carbon footprint on the environment.

With its unique performance in terms of transported payload compared with its compact footprint, the PF3 offers great flexibility for a variety of applications in production workshops and intralogistics environments. For the maintenance technician, parts can be changed in a matter of minutes and "almost" without tools (drawer concept on the sides). For the manager, thanks to its connectivity, the PF3 provides digital data at all times, bringing transparency to production processes (traceability, etc.), and predictive optimization of AGV maintenance, thus avoiding downtime.

With dimensions of just 1,750 x 970 x 400 mm, the PF3 platform can be adapted to the dimensions of common industrial vehicles, while impressing with its exceptionally high payload of three tons. This makes the PF3 a universal tool for automating tasks that were previously unattainable. With its patented drive system, proven in industrial environments for the past 15 years, coupled with a modern, robust design, the PF3 is built to last.

In addition to its proven industrial suitability, the PF3 makes no compromises when it comes to protecting employees. Its intelligent 360° sensor system detects potential obstacles both horizontally and vertically and, if necessary, automatically stops the AGV to avoid any risk of collision. The PF3 is designed to operate safely when working with people. But above all, it is designed to make their work easier.

Performances majeures :
Le PF3 dispose du meilleur ratio encombrement/charge utile sur le marché. Cela lui permet de se déplacer même en cas d'obstacles structurels ou d'espace restreint mais en proposant néanmoins une charge utile élevée. L’accessibilité, pour réaliser la maintenance du produit en quelques minutes, grâce au système de tiroirs représente un atout important.

The PF3 won two Red Dot Awards in 2023.