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La Roche-sur-Foron, France March, 2022
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Industrie 4.0 and tooling

DECIP Shop System Metal Additive Manufacturing

Booth A42

Founded in 1979 and exhibiting at Simodec since its inception, the family business Decip is a major player in the sale of machine tools and 3D printing. His technical team created an application specifically for the technological animation spot «Industrie 4.0 & Outils» on the metal additive manufacturing machine Shop System of Desktop Metal. The Shop metal additive manufacturing solution uses Binder Jetting technology, which binds the metal powder by spraying a binder. The heads project the binder onto the metal powder bed in successive layers. This process has the enormous advantage of not requiring the necessary supports in laser fusion processes. The software automatically anticipates and corrects deformations due to the agglomeration of particles by the binder. A sintering operation with removal follows the 3D printing operation, in order to confer on the part its metallic characteristics. The process requires the 3D printer itself, a desoldering station and a sintering oven. Its production volume of 350x222x200 mm shows a production speed of 700 cm³/h, an accuracy of +/-0.3mm and a uniform surface condition. The printing time is greatly reduced by the latest generation printing heads, which allow a fast projection of the binder, with high resolution. This technology is intended for manufacturers wishing to optimize their design and reduce their stocks, while controlling production times and costs. It provides them with the productivity to mass produce new geometries of parts, take on new markets and maintain employment in the territory. In order to demonstrate the benefits of Shop System’s Binder Jetting technology, Decip technicians will produce a reduced-volume automotive engine at different scales. They will be used, among other things, to reward visitors who participated in the designation of technological animation spots by voting for their favourites. In addition to its intrinsic qualities, this spot clearly defines the spirit that presided over the creation of technological animation courses.




DEXIS-HUDRY-JALLUT EPI Distrivend Smart Distributor

Booth B/C35

A subsidiary of the Descours & Cabaud group, a member of its Dexis industrial supply network, Hudry Jallut has been based in Haute-Savoie for 70 years. The company supplies equipment, consumables and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of the highest level of quality to the machining and precision mechanical manufacturing industry. In this context, it presents the intelligent distributor of EPI Distrivend as a spot in the «Industrie 4.0 & Outils» programme. It is a vending machine for PPE, industrial supplies and consumables as close as possible to the workstation. Its new template allows to pass the doors and optimizes the filling operations. The innovative character of the product comes from the improvement of the design, the user interface, its ergonomics by the software of selection of the products and from the association with another supervision software allowing to control remotely the machine park. This monitoring software allows the setting up of the machine and instant remote visualization of all current interactions. It allows the traceability of flows, the management of containers and contents, profiles and budgets. The process brings more product availability and prevention of industrial risks (FOD/FME). The improvement of the replenishment mode benefits from the simplicity of use and the time savings generated by the use of Distrivend. The distributor announces a 30% saving thanks to the time savings in the distribution of products. The interconnectivity of the Distrivend Park allows supervision of a workshop, an entire site, or nationally or internationally. The efficiency and dematerialisation of processes are an integral part of an Industrie 4.0 approach.




SCHUNK Programmable Clamping System by Vice Clamp R-C2

Booth B25

Founded in 1945, the German family company Schunk is the world leader in clamping technology and gripping systems. For this technological animation spot «Industrie 4.0 et outils», its regional team presents the R-C2 programmable clamping system. This concentric clamp is an innovative and particularly economical system for automated machine loading. Its dual function allows it to grasp both the parts to be machined in the shop and a powerful clamping adjustable up to 30 KN in the machining area. It is the first vice gripper with integrated torque clamping and programmable travel from 0 to 235mm. Here’s how the machine loading process works with the RC-2: The part is taken from the storer directly by the vice that works like a clamp on the robot. It is then transported to the zero-point clamping system of the machining center table where the vice is positioned with a repeatability of less than 5µ. The vice is finally disconnected from the robot, the part is ready for machining. A turnkey system allows the first and second operation to be carried out and thus the finished parts can be taken out on six sides without the intervention of an operator.




EDM Services- High Frequency Pins E-3000 Nakanishi Tool Changer

Booth D47

Since 1984, EDM Service has been offering a full range of products and services for EDM machining, milling, polishing and machining. Its technological spotlight lies in the presentation of the Nakanishi brand high frequency spindle, for tool changer. This spindle is capable of driving a cutting tool in rotation at the speed of 60000 t/mn or 80000 t/mn. It is mounted directly into the tool changer in the machining centres, the cutting tool being first tightened in the spindle. The power supply and control is done by a system called Stop-Block, which also allows the locking of the spindle in the spindle of the machining center. This power supply automates the use of high rotation speeds. The Nakanishi ispeed 5 inverter assembly combined with the manufacturer’s E-3000 spindle and the Stop-Bloc also allows these high speeds to be integrated into the machining program of the affected parts. This set allows professionals to reduce machining times for tools with a diameter of less than 3mm. A better adaptation of the cutting parameters ensures improved precision and surface finish. Using an HF spindle in the tool store also saves the main spindle of the machine tool, while making it less energy-intensive. This product makes it possible to equip a machining center with several high-speed machining spindles automatically, since they are installed in the tool store and called by the CNC program. It is also possible to continuously monitor the efforts on the tool.




ASTREE Software MES & Aquiweb data sharing

Booth K 12

Astrée Software presents itself as the only French publisher and integrator dedicated 100% to the MES (Manufacturing Performance System) production management software. Its MES Aquiweb software is designed for operators and allows managers to focus on animation rather than collecting and consolidating production data. By its simplicity of use and implementation, Aquiweb helps manufacturers in their continuous improvement process. On the technology animation spot prepared for the Simodec, the Astrée Software technical team presents Aquiweb-app, a smartphone application of its MES Aquiweb software. Through the downloadable app via App Store or Google Play, managers can monitor their production directly from their smartphone in real time. Wherever they are located, they can access the information they need, thanks to the data collected in real time by Aquiweb as close as possible to the operators, the equipment and the workshop. Each user can define his favorite equipment. He can choose the indicators that are relevant to him. Access to the information is done by dashboards dedicated to the entities and customized by the user. So it can navigate from one entity to another and zoom in on one entity to get more details. On each entity detail, it has all the real-time alerts issued by Aquiweb at the level of the operator’s position. For better responsiveness, the user can even send messages directly to a workshop workstation. At the foot of the machine, the operator can follow the instructions. Even if the application is not launched, a push notification system alerts the user on his smartphone in case of drift.