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La Roche-sur-Foron, France March, 2022
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Automatic turning and environment

ISCAR - Swissgrip Thin Cutting Tool

Booth A 21

The Israeli carbide maker Iscar presents the Swissgrip thin-cut cutting tool as a technological animation spot.

This is a unique cutting tool with interchangeable standard inserts of very small width, up to 0.6 mm, for cutting at the core of parts with an external diameter of up to 16 mm. This set consists of a tool holder (THQR/L xx-D16), a miniature adapter with 2 slots and a coated carbide insert (GFT x.xJ-x.x). The chip breaker is made during the sintering of the wafer, for the sake of economy as well as efficiency. Simple and ergonomic operation comes from easy and fast indexing of the adapter on the tool holder. Several types of miniature adapters are available for 0.6 to 1.2mm inserts to be mounted on a single tool holder. This concept was developed to offer an effective solution to the increase in raw materials. It saves material during cutting operations. In addition, this standard and cost-effective solution eliminates the necessary rework operations on the currently used monoblock tools. This solution has been tested in the Iscar Tech Center in Teffen, as well as in several pilot customers. These tests demonstrated the high performance of the Swissgrip tool in cutting operations carried out with a miniature plate. They have also proved the increase in production thanks to material gain, as well as by mastering the formation of chips in ductile materials. Users are very satisfied with the system due to its quick change and easy adjustment. The Iscar carbide is also part of an ecological approach by controlling the back-and-forth movement of tools for reafforestation, thus limiting CO2 emissions.




MITUTOYO Quick Vision Pro Image Analysis Measuring Machine

Booth B39

The Quick Vision Pro series of image analysis measuring machines recently designed and manufactured by Mitutoyo is presented in a European premiere. This technological animation spot is impressive due to an improvement of about 40% of the measurement rate, allowing the reduction of inspection times from 35% to 45%, depending on the parts.

The manufacturer obtained these results by perfecting the observation and lighting units of this model. It expands measurement applications by combining non-contact measurements by vision, touch sensors and white light interferometry. An important feature contributing to this reduction is the StrobeSnap, a system for synchronizing strobe lighting with image capture. This system greatly accelerates image capture. The Tracking Auto Focus (TAF) function also contributes strongly to the measurement speed, as it allows to follow by laser the variations of the height of parts, without performing any action of moving autofocus. Thanks to the optical magnification of up to 4300X, as well as the various automatic focusing possibilities and the detection of high resolution edges, The Quick Vision Pro series allows you to measure non-contact objects in applications that require precision at the highest level of detail. This new machine can measure the infinitely small in the medical industry. It can also measure the new technical parts of electric vehicles, or ensure the high-speed measurements of semiconductors. During demonstrations on the Simodec, the machine will be programmed to make continuous measurements on three types of parts. First on small medical devices (valves) requiring extreme precision. Then on automotive parts and especially for electric vehicles, such as rotor components. Finally on semiconductors, especially for telephony.




BILLET FOURNIER – Vargus MACH Supersonic Thread Insert

Booth D27

A distributor for the Haute-Savoie region of Vargus, a global specialist in wafer threading tools, Billet-Fournier presents its latest innovation as a technological spot in this field. With this completely revised range, Vargus clearly shows the will to be the leader of this market. Because the thread is often the final stage of a piece with an incompressible cycle time. After two years of research, this presentation is a European first.

It concerns an external thread board and a threading cutter whose one of the characteristics lies in their affordable price for a technology of the best level. According to the manufacturer, this innovation brings a significant improvement to the reduction of thread time. It announces a 60% reduction in the number of threaded passes per turn, thus 60% of cycle time compared to the platelets in its category. The effect on platelet life is also very positive, while generating an excellent surface condition. For the threading cutter, the advance announced in mm/tooth is 100% higher, generating a reduction in machining time of 60% and an increase in service life of 25%. Last but not least, these new tools would provide greater machining stability and reduce the number of tool changes. This implies less human intervention and machine shutdown. All announced values were checked internally by Vargus. Tests have already begun in the Arve valley and the Simodec is an opportunity to multiply the number.




PRACARTIS 5-axis high-speed machining application

Booth E10

The Pracartis group presents a technology animation spot specially designed for the show, in the spirit proposed by the organizers of the Simodec. It concerns a high-speed machining application with low energy consumption, especially dedicated to watchmaking and micro-machining. This spot implements a Chiron Microfive 5-axis machine for the very high-speed machining of a 316L stainless steel watch case, with great advances. This demonstration showcases innovative cutting tools manufactured in various companies of the group. In particular, they ensure the dry machining of stainless steel and the machining in minimum quantity of lubrication (MQL) in high-speed machining between 60000 and 80000 t/min. The announced cutting speeds are 750mm/min with advances of 5000mm/min for dry milling and drilling in 316L stainless steel. The high feed speeds in +5 axis machining still allow precision in the order of +/- 2µm. The instrumentation technology of Pracartis Technologie is also highlighted for its contribution to the research of new machining strategies with very high cutting speed and working advances. As a specialist in the global machining solution and material torque technology, the group also strives to become increasingly virtuous in terms of the environment. Thus, the Chiron Microfive 5-axis machine requires only a 220V connection and offers a considerable reduction in the carbon footprint, compared to equivalent machining. This machine with a small footprint on the ground thus proves to be very frugal in energy. With this technological animation spot, the Pracartis group thus responds very well to the wishes of the Simodec organizers, by setting up a nomadic production workshop, like a flexible mini factory. Coins will be offered to voting visitors for the 2022 Simodec Innovation Trophies.




ERRIC – SPC.P. Parts Recuperator

Booth G15

Exhibiting at Simodec since 1992, Erric has been an integrator of automated solutions on the periphery of turning machines since 1976. His team presents on the Simodec the SPC. P parts collector as a technological spot of the «Turning & Environment» route. Each of the filling locations of this recuperator is equipped with the Barfide shockproof system. Equipped with this particularly effective technology to protect parts, the SPC parts recuperators. P allow the recovery of parts from lathes and machining centers. The overall system design allows for a long load life on a reduced footprint. Its chassis allows the implementation of six baskets. This shock-resistant parts recuperator includes a work plan, available for the implementation of control tools and production tracking sheets. Controlled directly from the touch screen control console, the operator enters the number of parts per basket and the number of sampling parts to be isolated per basket. The touch screen also allows you to follow the filling of the baskets. Thanks to SPC.P.’s parts recovery systems, companies can increase their productivity and gain autonomy for their means of production. They reduce sorting and control times, as well as scrap. Standardized, this solution at the end of the machine allows to avoid shocks on the parts, to increase the autonomy and to manage the control frequencies, all at a reduced cost. The system is distributed via the So Prod entity, owned by Erric.



SOLUNE – Solune ERP Enterprise Resource Management Solution

Booth K23

Founded in 1998 in Limoges, Solune is a publisher and integrator of software solutions for production management (GPAO) and enterprise resource management (ERP). The group has four subsidiaries in France, one in the Maghreb, and a location in the Arve valley through IFI Informatique in Fillinges. On the Simodec, Solune is showcasing the latest version of its Solune ERP software, specifically intended for small and medium-sized businesses in the industrial sector, as a technological spot in the «Machining & Environment» programme. Solune ERP is a modular «Full Web» solution that adapts to the needs of companies. The software is accessible from any platform, Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, tablets, etc. In the difficult health context faced by companies, Solune ERP facilitates telework and data access. Regardless of the access path, the proposed ERP makes it possible to quickly find the information, insert data into the system and manage the company. Solune ERP allows to have visibility of its activity in real time while centralizing all the data in a single base. Thanks to its software tool allowing to gain in serenity and comfort Solune accompanies the leaders of companies to move from the artisanal stage to the industrial stage to maintain and strengthen the links with their ecosystem. The customization proposed by Solune’s employees makes it possible to organize the software, facilitate its appropriation and adapt it to the company. Thus, the Solune ERP becomes a personalized decision support tool. During the presentation of the Technology Spot around the Solune ERP solution, this approach is specified by the team of the publisher.