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La Roche-sur-Foron, France March, 2022
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Microtechnical machining and automatic turning

TORNOS – Mobile Dolly Tower SwissDECO 36 TB

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The Tornos Group is the winner of the 2020 Simodec Innovation Trophy, Machine Tool category, for the SwissDECO 36TB tour, presented in this Simodec 2022 animation course. With many options, the SwissDECO 36TB Mobile Dolly Tower is the latest evolution in the SwissDECO range.

It has three machines, all based on an extremely rigid structure. This mobile dolly milling machine has 9 linear axes, 2 C axes and a B axis, an A axis that can come as an option. With a maximum of 57 tools, including a maximum of 37 turning tools, this lathe is capable of milling and turning operations in five simultaneous axes, if the options are taken into account. The 57Nm torque delivered by its spindle is highlighted by the manufacturer as making this machine «the most powerful of its class». Its rotation speed of 10000 t/min is well adapted to the cutting speeds required for most cutting operations in the diameters concerned. Its flexibility comes from large strokes, allowing stress-free machining, easy ejection of long workpieces and deep drilling thanks to the Z2 axis. Its 3-position, self-regulating guide gun gives this machine the precision of a fixed-head lathe and allows substantial material savings. The speed of execution of the SwissDECO 36TB tower is also remarkable, thanks to the indexing of its 12-position turret in 0.2 seconds. The human machine interface (HMI) is also noteworthy for its design, ergonomics and integration of the Tisis software, developed by Tornos for several years. In particular, the TISIS «optimove» application would reduce the cycle time by up to 30% while minimizing mechanical stress, heating and wear. The peripheral equipment offered by Tornos also contributes to the performance of the machine, such as high pressure watering or the integrated embarreur. In itself, this tour is not a real innovation, but the highly technological evolution of a global manufacturer’s range. This machine intelligently integrates the best in terms of mechanical, electronic and software components.



QMT-GROUP optical measurement system QMTC-Line

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MT-GROUP is the winner of the Simodec 2020 Innovation Award, Measurement-Control category, for the QMTV-Line Rapid Positioning System, used on the QMT Projector-100-DECO optical measuring equipment and presented in this Simodec 2022 animation course.

It has been designed for the precise measurement (0.7µm) of all types of parts with a twist.The innovation is essentially due to this transparent V-laying system, which allows a measurement by vision that relieves the adjustment constraints. Indeed, to measure the parts turned by optical system, V-frames are already used in the industry. But the difficulty of the exact positioning of the decoupled parts, inside these Mounts, according to different diameter, makes their use long and generating errors and dispersions possible. The idea of the QMTV-Line lies in the use of glass plates forming a Veh in which the parts are placed in turn without any particular precaution, or planed. Depending on the gravitational force and the particular shape of the part to be measured, the peeled part can bend without this posing a measurement problem to the optical sensor. This one actually measures the piece not from the top, but from the side. The optical path is modified by two angular cross-references and the dimensions seen correspond to reality. This eliminates the need to position parts along their axis of rotation. The manufacturer has filed a patent for this simple concept. Improvements are made to facilitate multi-piece measurement. This means that strippers can benefit from fast, reliable and simple optical measurement at the foot of their machines. With the QMT Projector 100-DECO, the maximum size of the parts concerned is 7.5 x 5mm.



HORN France - HP Whirling Head Lubrication WF/Horn Jet Whirling

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The Horn Group, a world-renowned German supplier of cutting tools and carburetor, has been awarded the Simodec 2020 Jury Prize for its WF/Horn Jet Whirling device, presented in this Simodec 2022 animation circuit.

It is an external vortex head incorporating a lubrication device. Through a holder-Inserts, the swirl heads position tungsten carbide cutting inserts coated around a rotating cylindrical part.The relative movements of the part and swirl head allow machining of external threads, with very good precision, excellent surface condition and high speed of execution. If the chip is well fragmented under these conditions, good lubrication of the cutting area is essential and yet very difficult to obtain. The modular WF/Horn system is already a good solution for changing tools under limited space requirements.


The tool body remains on the machine, the platelet holder is removed and the removable platelets can be easily replaced outside the machine. In addition, the W/FHorn Jet Whirling swirl head system incorporates a lubrication circuit in continuity with the machine circuit. This is the purpose of the application for the innovation trophies. The main point lies in the fact that the output of the lubrication jets is directed exactly towards the cutting area. When the machine is equipped with a high pressure device, each jet significantly increases the cutting performance by directly watering the cutting edges with very high pressure, depending on the system installed on the machine. The cooling of the cutting area, the removal of chips and the lubrication of cutting edges improve the machining performance, the surface condition of the machined areas as well as the lifespan of the cutting tools. To our knowledge it is the first external tourbillonage device offering this type of lubrication. The WF/Horn Jet Whirling swirl head and device have a quick change system, reducing tool change times.



STAUBLI ROBOTICS - Helmo mobile collaborative robot

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The French manufacturer of industrial robots Stäubli is the winner of the Simodec 2020 innovation award, in the peripheral and automation category, for its Helmo mobile robot system, presented in this Simodec 2022 animation course. It is an AGV (Automatied Guided Vehicle) or guided automatic vehicle, supporting a TX2 polyarticulated robot from the Stäubli range.

Its innovative character lies in the important evolution of mobile robotics, resulting in a different organization of industrial companies. This is a considerable help to the man at work, allowing an assisted and autonomous inter-operational logistics. In addition to turning, this innovation affects all industrial sectors. The safety of movement and navigation of the Helmo mobile robot is ensured by three lasers that continuously scan its environment. Its collaborative work, as well as that of the TX2 robot it supports, is guaranteed by the CS9 control system and all the security software functions implemented. The autonomous operation of the robot is ensured by a flexible feeding coupler, a tool changer system and a tool station. Depending on the orders defined by the mobile robot fleet manager, Helmo can thus carry out logistical tasks for the supply and transfer of products, assembly, control and even the completion of parts under certain conditions. A Skin cover can wrap it in a pressure-tight plastic skin, giving it a sense of touch. As soon as the robot is in contact with an object or a person, it stops working. This function allows collaborative work, assembly, for example, with a high level of security. On the moving side, its innovative control concept allows us to quickly map the environment in which the Helmo robot has to evolve, and the paths it has to take. The Helmo mobile robot is the central vector of a major evolution of companies towards the connected and automated factory and constitutes a true state-of-the-art principle of the autonomous movement of a robot for handling and collaborative work. Demonstrations of the Helmo robot’s movement and activity capabilities at the 2022 Simodec give a real vision of the factory of the future.



ELLISTAT – Tool Correction with APC -Automated Process Control-

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Ellistat is the winner of the Simodec 2020 Innovation Award, in the services and software category, for the evolution of its APC software -Automated Process Control- in its «Configuration Auto-3D» version, presented in this animation journey of the Simodec 2022. Based on research carried out by the SYMME laboratory at the University of Savoie, the APC software is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that automate the adjustment of machine tools.

The APC is an evolution of SPC quality solutions to drive a production process by software and to achieve better productivity and quality results. Ensuring the simultaneous adjustment of dozens of tool correctors, APC corrects the drift using a machine learning algorithm. Centered on the target of the functional rating, the measurements drift much less towards the limits of the control map. APC has already made it possible to make tool corrections more reliable by dividing the adjustment times by 4 and reducing the number of adjustment parts to one, for the start of a production. Until the appearance of APC version «Configuration Auto-3D», the Methods service had to manually calculate the impact matrix of the correctors, which could be long and tedious. From now on, the software ensures digital continuity from the design of the parts to their production, by automatically calculating tool corrections from the numerical model defined in CAD with its quotation tolerances. The revolutionary innovation proposed by Ellistat makes it possible to drive a machine tool for the production of a simple to complex part, with a minimal configuration. It is enough that the numerical control of the machine is connected to the network so that corrections can be sent. APC «Auto-3D Configuration» is the first application that uses the digital model from CAD to automatically apply in production the corrections defined by the software. It foreshadows the disappearance of the keyboards of machine tools dedicated to production, which will be useful only at the entry of the IP address.



SPIDI-ROLLIER - Venturi irrigation on DIXI Cool+ rotating tools

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A subsidiary of cutting tool manufacturer Dixi Polytools, the tool distributor Spidi Rollier is the winner of the 2020 Simodec Innovation Award, in the tools and tools category, for the Dixi Cool+ range of tools, presented in this Simodec 2022 technology animation course.

Presented on the Dixi 7442 Cool+ range of microblock tungsten carbide micro-cutters, the COOL+ concept consists in the addition of a ring fixed around the tail (4mm and 6mm) of rotary tools with a diameter of less than 6mm, from 0.05mm to 5mm. The tapered ring is fitted around the clamping diameter and covers the lubrication holes, which are integrated into the tool body. The inner cone of the ring channels the lubricant towards the end of the tool by increasing its speed and pressure by venturi effect. Directed precisely where the cutting is carried out, the lubrication really ensures the decrease of the coefficient of friction during the creation of the chip, cools well the cutting area and ejects the chip correctly. The lubricant follows the shape of the goujures to reach the cutting parts. Since lubrication by the tool center is now common on the vast majority of machine tools, this process allows tools less than 6 mm in diameter to take full advantage of it. Following the tests carried out by the R&D center of the manufacturer Dixi, the decrease of the cutting forces is of the order of 20% to 50% and allows the increase of the cutting parameters ap and ae, Fz and Vc from 2 to 2.5 times. This results in a higher chip removal rate, while maintaining the sharpness of the cutting edge for a longer period of time, thus increasing the tool life. In the long term, the Cool+ process must cover all milling, drilling and swirling tools, in the same diameter range. To our knowledge and according to the manufacturer, the Dixi Cool+ process is the only one that concerns micro-tools with a jet directed directly to the cutting edge with venturi effect.