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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Thursday 12 October

The economic driver of a profession

The Rochexpo team is delighted to announce that registration for SIMODEC 2024 is progressing very well.

Through their French representatives, the world's leading machine tool manufacturers confirmed their presence at this year's show as soon as they returned from the Hanover World Show. To name but a few, Biglia, CMZ, DMG-Mori, DN Solutions (ex-Doosan), Haas Automation, Fuji, Matsuura, Mazak, Nakamura, Okuma, Sodick are already planning to exhibit their latest machine tools dedicated to precision mechanical manufacturing. Bar-turning specialists Citizen, Esco, Index, Tornos, Schutte and Star Machines have done likewise. Awarded on the very first day of the show, the Trophées de l'Innovation 2024 (Innovation Trophies 2024) should reveal some very interesting trends for even better-connected, smarter and more energy-efficient production investments. Suppliers of cutting tools and tooling, automation and robotics, CAD/CAM and quality control are also well represented, or in the process of registering. Faced with changing markets, difficult recruitment and the need for workshop excellence, professional investors will be able to discover in detail the material and human resources required for top-level mechanical manufacturing, essential to the success of their business. With its educational courses and the SMILE trade show, Simodec 2024 will thus be playing its full role as an economic driver for the bar turning and precision mechanical manufacturing professions.

Philippe Vachoux, President of Rochexpo


Simodec news - October 2023


Hybrid degreasing to win award in 2022

Thanks to visitor participation in the voting for the Simodec 2022 Trophies, the KP Hybrid hybrid vacuum degreasing machine was awarded Best Technology Spot. Presented on the IFP Europe stand, the machine can be used for both aqueous and solvent degreasing cycles. Intended for manufacturers using whole oils, soluble oils or emulsions, its versatility enables it to remove a wide range of polar soils that cannot be removed by conventional solvent processes. It is also suitable for cleaning prior to vacuum deposition, thanks to the broad spectrum of soiling it can remove and the quality of the final wash. The solvent cycle removes all organic deposits, such as whole oils and greases. A mixed cycle can, thanks to the use of a detergent, also remove all water-soluble mineral deposits. The KP Hybrid adopts a particularly effective rinse function thanks to the addition of a tank of recycled demineralized water, substantially improving wash quality. From an environmental point of view, low solvent emissions are a major advantage. The system can also recycle water in a closed circuit. Last but not least, the price of this machine is on a par with conventional solvent machines.

Michel Pech


An ecological concept for recycling wood chips

Winner of the equipment category of the SIMODEC 2022 Innovation Awards, the Briquette Box modular chip compactor was previewed as a highly advanced concept by Alpes Solution Systèmes. Its first advantage lies in its ability to recycle chips with metal recyclers. The system is positioned at the outlet of a chip conveyor. The recovered chips are pressed and compacted into a briquette, with adjustable pressure and compaction speed. The system recovers the cutting oil and reinjects it into the machine, eliminating the need for chip wringing operations and reducing oil consumption. The Briquette Box can be installed to centralize chip processing. The system operates under digital control and is connected to the machine tool it serves. The NC has all the information it needs to carry out preventive or corrective maintenance operations. A complete history measures any system drift. Both compact and ecological, this concept is adaptable to the specific needs of any company.

Michel Pech


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