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La Roche-sur-Foron, France 4 - 8th march 2024
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Thursday 14 December

SIMODEC is getting closer

At the beginning of November, the exhibitors' meeting enabled a productive exchange with a significant number of exhibitors.

On this occasion, Alain Appertet, President of the Syndicat National du Décolletage, expressed the interest of bar turners in the 2024 show: "SIMODEC offers us the opportunity to discover the investments that enable companies to diversify their business and strengthen their competitiveness," he said in substance. By organizing the SMILE area at the 2024 show, the SN-Dec will be introducing the younger generation to the business world in a dynamic setting. Thanks to the professional skills of its exhibitors, the bar turning and precision mechanical manufacturing show is strengthening its role in serving the profession. "With SIMODEC and SMILE, we have the tools we need to meet the challenges of a sustainable, humane and high-performance precision engineering industry," concluded SN Dec's President. In this spirit, and to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Rochexpo has decided to create the SIMODEC Exhibitors' Club. All exhibitors are already invited to suggest ideas for the club. SIMODEC 2024 will be inaugurated by the President of the French Automotive Platform, Luc Chatel. This information, and much more, was very well received at the conference where we met the trade press in Paris. Together with all our Simodec partners, Rochexpo is making the history of French bar turning shine.

Philippe Vachoux, President, Rochexpo


Simodec news - December 2023


Metal additives for precision mechanics

3D metal additive manufacturing is a complementary technology to precision mechanical manufacturing. From prototypes to the most complex parts in small and medium production runs, it is particularly well suited to the production of small parts for the medical, aerospace and watchmaking industries. To demonstrate its capabilities, exhibitor Decip created an application at Simodec 2022, on the Shop System metal additive manufacturing machine from Desktop Metal, which the company represents. The Shop metal additive manufacturing solution uses Binder Jetting technology, agglomerating metal powder by spraying a binder. This process has the enormous advantage of not requiring the supports that are indispensable in processes using laser fusion. A sintering operation with shrinkage follows the 3D printing operation, to give the part its metallic characteristics. This technology is designed for manufacturers wishing to optimize their design and reduce their inventories, while controlling production times and costs. It provides them with the productivity they need to mass-produce new part geometries, capture new markets and maintain local employment. To demonstrate the benefits of Shop System's Binder Jetting technology, Decip technicians produced a scale model of an automobile engine. At SIMODEC 2024, additive manufacturing technology will continue to be present on the Decip stand, with demonstrations as astonishing as ever. Aeronautics will be in the spotlight this year.


MOCN market growth in 2022

According to the annual study carried out by SIMODEC partner EVOLIS, the French machine tool market grew by +18% in 2022. Market consumption reached €1,291 million, while production remained stable over the year. French production was particularly affected by the drop in demand from China, whose imports from France fell by -39% in 2022. By contrast, French machine tool exports to Italy, Switzerland and Turkey rose. On the import side, Germany confirmed its status as France's leading trading partner in 2022. Sales of machining machine tools showed the strongest growth (+21%), followed by forming machine tools (+13%) and machines working with physico-chemical processes (+5%). Finally, the year 2022 saw the aerospace industry become the leading customer sector for machine tools, with a market share of 27% of total sales (versus 17% in 2021). The general mechanical engineering and automotive industries rank 2nd and 3rd respectively. According to the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques, sales in 2022 for subcontracting in the manufacture of mechanical parts rose by 14.7% to 27.5 billion euros. Total sales generated in France by the mechanical engineering industry were €146.9 billion. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is the leading region in the sector in France, employing 20.2% of its total 595,698 employees, all sectors combined.


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