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La Roche-sur-Foron, France March, 2022
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Friday March 11, 2022


Innovation and Industry of the Future


9h30 - 10h15 : OPCUA technologies in Machine-Tool

(Agora Le Môle)

OPCUA technologies arrive in the machine shop. How mature are they? How diverse are they? How do leading digital control manufacturers introduce these new communication protocols? How do the «companion specification»: Umati and MTconnect fit into this domain? So many questions will be answered by the speakers of this conference.

The studies are conducted by OPCUA France & Cetim under the impetus of the Federation of Mechanical Industries and the professional commissions of Cetim.

Speakers: Olivier Sciascia - Cetim and Michel CONDEMINE - OPCUA France



9h30 - 10h00 : Machine learning and data processing, what is behind the term "Artificial Intelligence"?

(PLATEAU TV - Agora Mont-Blanc)

Our world is full of numerical data requiring specific methods of processing, sometimes grouped under the expression "Artificial Intelligence", to derive value. What are these methods? What is their level of performance and are they really intelligent? What concrete issues can they help solve?

Speakers: Mikaël Jacquemont - research engineer at the LAPP for the IDEFICS project and the company ADTP



10h30 - 11h15 : TechniQuote version 2022,  the encryption solution for automatic turning

(Agora Le Môle) 

The Cetim presents you in preview the 2022 version of TechniQuote with the brand new turning module. Around a specific case, come and discover the functions dedicated to turning: Calculation, optimization and balancing of the times on your different positions and spindles of your machines.

Stakeholder: Stéphane Goubaud – Cetim


11h00 - 11h30 : Machines Production L'EMISSION

(PLATEAU TV - Agora Mont-Blanc)

MPLE, the TV show of Machines Production which deciphers the news of mechanics, is set up in the heart of Simodec. Jérôme Meyrand, editor-in-chief, receives his guests every day to talk about technological innovations. The best experts will discuss the challenges and challenges of the machining world and discuss solutions to make companies even more environmentally responsible.



11h30 - 12h15 : Potential of innovative finishing technologies

(Agora Le Môle)

Manufacturers are faced with increasingly high demands for the quality of parts produced, while reducing their costs, manufacturing times and environmental impact, at a time when the search for qualified people is increasingly complex. The increased requirements in terms of precision, the functional and aesthetic quality of the surfaces, the mastery of deburring operations and material integrity require high-performance and increasingly automated polishing and deburring solutions. Based on this observation, CETIM is developing an important activity in this field in order to support the industrialists towards the knowledge, mastery and integration of these methods and finishing solutions.

Speaker: Stéphane GUERIN – Cetim


12h00 - 13h00 : "future markets for hydrogen-based mechanics"

(PLATEAU TV - Agora Mont-Blanc)


 Opportunités de la filière Hydrogène Mobilité par le pôle de compétitivité CARA



11h30 - 12h30 : workshop, Innovation and its toolkit for IPT/PMi

(Agora Salève)

Implement a transformation strategy to increase competitiveness. (BP AURA)

Discovery of the actors involved in supporting innovation and its financing (ARAE74/THESAME)

Workshop with the testimonies of the companies ALSIMA and ALPES DECOLLETAGE I ALPES FACTORY Lionel Crosetti, in tandem with POLARISE Lionel Charpentier, who will give you the keys to the success of their transformation.




12h30 -13h15 : To be accompanied in my future industry project
(Agora Le Môle)

(Agora Le Môle)

Do you have an industrial project related to the industry of the future?

Do you need support or advice to be able to implement it? Come and take part in this workshop to learn more

Hosted by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises, Cetim and ENE


13h15 - 14h15 : Managing its Innovation Project: What if we went back to peasant common sense?

(Agora Salève)

By Jean Mathieu SCHOUN, CEO of the society SUPANOTCH




13h30 - 14h15 :Robotic 3D deliverable: solutions for automatic turning?

(Agora Le Môle)

Cetim & Staubli carried out a study of de-bulk solutions as part of the STRADEC project in 2021 the conclusions will be presented.

We will compare the different solutions of de-bulk: «2D/3D/mechanical», their technologies, their applicability, the constraints of use & environment, the associated cobotic applications, use cases and limits of use.

Speakers: Olivier Sciascia – Cetim, Mickael MARCILLAT – Staubli, Fréderic Helin - Coboteam




14h30 - 15h15 : Artificial Intelligence & Smart Machine-Tool

(Agora Le Môle)

On the programme of this conference: the latest advances in smart and connected machining.

The European project «IOWTINs» (dedicated to the development of a single platform for the creation of digital twins of industrial installations, notably machine tools) and the strategic sectoral project of Cetim «intelligent and connected machine tools» Both aim to exploit data captured by machine tools and make them smart and connected. For this, the machine must have a model of its behaviour (and more precisely of the machining process) that is materialized by a digital Twin using artificial intelligence as well as innovative approaches by scale models. After analysis, the machining process must then be managed in the form of actions that must be generated, and thus make it possible to control the machining.

This conference will take stock of the work in progress, illustrated by the presentation of an analysis module using AI.

Speakers: Roger Busi – Cetim




(PLATEAU TV - Agora Mont-Blanc)

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