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La Roche-sur-Foron, France March, 2022
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Sustainable industry space

Focus on sustainable development at SIMODEC 2020



Showing how industry can contribute to ecological change, highlighting the societal commitments of the region's industrial players and attracting young professional candidates are among the objectives for SIMODEC 2020. Discover the Sustainable Industry area dedicated to sustainable development in industrial companies.


1 - offering workshops for visitors and exhibitors from the industrial world

They will focus in particular on waste management and sorting.

2 - bringing together industrial players and students

Students from the Institut des Arts et Métiers in Chambéry will present solutions to implement processes with a lower environmental impact, with performance indicators.

 Double objective:

  • For students: To build their understanding of the industrial issues related to the integration of environmental performance into processes
  • For industrial players: To communicate their environmental efforts to potential future employees

“Through this student-led, green process presentation, we hope to offer industrial players tangible solutions that could enable them to partially meet the recruitment difficulties in bar turning," explains Camille Denis, Environmental and CSR project manager at the Syndicat National du Décolletage (SNDEC) and co-director of the Sustainable Industry Task Force. “The objective of this partnership with ENSAM is to build bridges and promote mutual understanding of the two worlds. We would like to remind manufacturers that future employees have expectations about their environmental involvement."

3 - inform on the support systems for companies

Many grants and subsidies are available to companies that engage in sustainable development actions or wish to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy within their entity.
But it's not easy to find your way around.
This is the objective of this Sustainable Industry area: To offer companies a one-stop shop which they can turn to.

"This trade show brings partners together under the same roof and showcases their CSR actions," says Camille Denis. “This gives everyone the opportunity to present the resources they can offer. Beyond SIMODEC, which is the main port of call, we want manufacturers to understand that they can draw from this group according to their needs.”

4 - A dedicated CSR conference day on Wednesday, March 11

Six conferences will explore the main axes of CSR: The impact of climate on companies, CSR diagnosis, local development, energy savings, etc. Round tables will bring together technical and industrial experts.

The SIMODEC Sustainable Industry area is supported by partners at ID Centre and is located in their dedicated area: Alpège, CETIM, CSM, OSST, Mont Blanc Industries, SNDEC, Thésame. These companies constitute the collective of service providers at the resource and expertise centre dedicated to the development of industrial companies in the machining and bar turning sector and the region, which is set to open in Cluses in 2020.