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La Roche-sur-Foron, France March, 2022
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The 2020 Innovation Awards


The Innovation Awards aim to reward products, services or innovative concepts in the machine tooling and bar turning sectors and to provide our exhibitors a showcase where they can illustrate their extensive performance and innovation to their customers.

There are five categories: machine tooling, peripheral equipment and automation, cutting tools and tooling, measuring and inspection, services to industry 4.0 and software.



2020 applications are open

You are an exhibitor at SIMODEC 2020 and wish to participate in the 5th edition of the Innovation Awards ?

Contact us now and send us your file: by email : or by phone on + 33 (0) 4 50 03 03 37






█ Machining category


█ Cutting tools and tooling category


█ Measuring and inspection category


█ Peripheral equipment and automation category


█ Services to the industry 4.0 and software category




- SIMODEC trophies: Professional recognition -


Awarded at SIMODEC 2018, the Calixta inspection and sorting machine (Expertise Vision) automates quality control. It thus allows industries to guarantee 100% quality of their average production series. Discover what the 2018 Innovation Awards have brought to the company.


Calixta is dedicated to high value-added parts, which require 100% quality control.

A first version of the machine was released in 2016, but it is the second 2018 version which was presented and awarded at SIMODEC 2018, in the Measurement and Control Category.


Why Calixta won the judges' approval

1 - Measuring accuracy

2 - Inspection diversity

The machine is an integral part of the manufacturing process and is used at the end for final quality control. This requires checking many characteristics. Calixta allows manufacturers to check the quality of the inside and outside of the part, both in its dimensions and aspect.

3 - The machine's accessibility

In bar turning, investment in a special automatic sorting machine is generally profitable if production exceeds a few million parts per year. On a production of a few tens or hundreds of thousands of parts produced per year, the customer quickly encounters a lack of profitability. Calixta, a standard machine, presents the advantage of solving this issue.

4 - Versatility of the machine

Several families of parts can be grouped together and loaded into the machine. The machine can be adapted for a very wide range of parts in medium and large series, for different markets: Aeronautics, plastics, stamping and cutting.

5 - Production rate gains

Calixta can process from 1,000 to 10,000 parts/hour, depending on the needs and size of the parts.

Four patents have been filed for this machine.


What the SIMODEC Trophies have brought you : 

We have won other prizes, but being awarded at SIMODEC was an extremely rewarding professional recognition," says Emmanuel Bassy, CEO of Expertise Vision. "Double recognition, since we won the jury's favourite and the Visitor's Choice Award. The design of the machine and its aesthetics certainly played a role. Also the fact that few local companies offer breakthrough technological innovations in terms of usage.

During the show, we noticed a strong interest in our company. Afterwards, the media impact was also very interesting, both in the local and industry-specific press. This award also had an impact on the way we communicate.”


Your participation in SIMODEC : 

Participating in SIMODEC is an obvious decision for us. Our products are adapted to the bar turning and machining market.

SIMODEC allows us to become better known to the community as a local player. It therefore promotes our development potential, as we reach out to a large number of new customers and gain new prospects during the show.

In 2020, we will have a dedicated stand. We will present a new machine, Glidro, which is oriented to improving production output. It is suitable for large volumes of production in automotive, connector, plastics and other such markets.

Don't hesitate to come and meet us!"